I love this particular song yet what does this mean?

Answer simply by Brianna They would
The music is about exactly how she views love depending on a male’s wallet (she hides real love en tu bolsillo [Bolsillo is pocket in Spanish, which plays a large part in the song]). She after that wraps guys around the girl finger along with her blameless act (She’s got the halo circular her hand, around you).

According to the girl Wiki web page, the music also signifies GaGa’s anxiety about commitment to the level where the lady cannot actually remember the her mate (exemplified within the multiple altering of titles; “Alejandro, inch “Fernando, inch “Roberto”). In addition , the line “Mexico, rejoice! inch ties to the whole “What happens within Mexico, remains in Mexico” theme which is ever-popular amongst Spring-Breakers within Cancun.

Therefore , basically, the particular song is all about being promiscuous and attaining as much cash as possible, after that realizing exactly how wrong it really is: “I realize that we are youthful, and I realize that you may adore me; yet I just can not be with you such as this anymore… Alejandro. ” Simply by that time, nevertheless , “Alejandro” is in love with the particular speaker when he calls the girl name plus addresses the girl as “babe. ” Sadly for your pet, he has no clue that the lady never experienced anything more regarding him compared to lust plus financial help.


What does the music alejandro, simply by lady coo, mean?

Answer simply by T-Fuzz
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Answer simply by Alex
“I know that we have been young.
And am know you might love me personally.
But I simply can’t be along with you like this any longer.
Alejandro. inch

It seems like she actually is trying to split up with a man named Alejandro, despite the fact that he might not want in order to up.

Answer simply by Chola
The particular song is all about how the lady sees adore based on the man’s budget (she conceals true love sobre su bolsillo [Bolsillo is pocket in Spanish, which plays a large part in the song]). The girl then wraps men close to her hand with the girl innocent operate (She’s obtained a halo round the girl finger, close to you).

Based on her Wiki page, the particular song furthermore represents GaGa’s fear of dedication to the point exactly where she can not even keep in mind the name of the girl lover (exemplified in the several changing associated with names; “Alejandro, ” “Fernando, ” “Roberto”). Additionally , the queue “Mexico, delight! ” connections into the entire “What occurs in South america, stays within Mexico” style that is ever-popular among Spring-Breakers in Jamaica.

So , generally, the music is about becoming promiscuous plus garnering just as much money as you possibly can, then recognizing how incorrect it is: “I know that we have been young, and am know that you might love me personally; but I simply can’t be along with you like this any longer… Alejandro. inch By that period, however , “Alejandro” is already deeply in love with the loudspeaker as he phone calls her title and details her because “babe. inch Unfortunately regarding him, they have no idea that will she certainly not felt some thing for your pet than lust and economic assistance.